Sunday, October 5, 2008

Diamonique Engagement Rings

For many couples, an engagement and marriage signify some major lifestyle changes. These might include buying a new house or starting a family and many of these events carry a significant cost. Buying a ring with an artificial diamond such as Diamonique is a good compromise for couples on a strict budget. While a large diamond ring might be desirable, many couples feel that with so many other important things to be spending money on this is perhaps an unnecessary luxury. With rings featuring a large Diamonique stone costing a few dollars, compared with a real diamond costing perhaps several thousand dollars, the choice of an artificial diamond might be more practical.
Diamonique is a branded diamond simulant or artificial diamond. The brand is owned by the shopping channel QVC. Diamonique jewelry is sold exclusively through the QVC shopping channel, although secondhand items may appear through other shops and online auctions such as Diamonique is a type of cubic zirconia which is often referred to as CZ. Cubic Zirconia is the most popular of diamond simulants, being both low cost and hard wearing. The QVC Diamonique range recently celebrated its 20th anniversary and the brand remains popular.

Qualities of Diamonique Engagement Rings

Diamonique Engagement Rings has many positive characteristics that add quality to its rings.

Hardness of Diamonique Engagement Rings

A real diamond is the hardest natural mineral known. Historically, a method of identifying a real diamond would be to use it to cut glass or scratch other materials. A diamond measures ‘10’ on Moh's Scale, which is the scale that measures the hardness of a gemstone. Diamonique and other cubic zirconia stones measure 8.5, which although is not as hard as diamond, is similar to sapphires and rubies.

Weight of Diamonique Engagement Rings

Diamonique and other cubic zirconia stones will weigh proportionately more than diamonds. Therefore Diamonique is typically measured by carat size rather than weight. This means that a one carat Diamonique stone will be the same size as a diamond, but weigh significantly more.